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The answer is Scanner. It is a well-designed product to crack any examination. We have range of Scanners for academic programs, professional courses and competitive examinations.

Scanner is a unique book that comprehensively contains everything that your exam may cover, yet presents the whole thing to you in concise manner so as to help you make more in less time.

A few unique features of Scanners are:
1. Covers full syllabus
2. Complete and crisp notes
3. Chapter-wise chronologically arranged questions
4. Examination trend analysis
5. Importance of chapters on the basis of past exams
6. Model test papers for practice
7. FREE online mock tests
8. Free and Paid Video lectures

The Story Behind

In the year 1989, Prof. Arun Kumar and friends were grappling with the preparation of one of the most prestigious professional course of the country “Chartered Accountancy”. They matured a methodology and tested that. That’s how the systematic method of preparation “Scanner” came into existence.
The first Scanner was published in 1991. Today’s Scanner is a technology enabled book catering to wide needs of modern testing methods.


To bring out Scanners for each and every examination in the country. Make the preparation process easier and interesting. Keep improvising the products to maintain success quotient.


We cover the length and breadth of the country. We are available on prominent bookshops near you and on every popular online store. Some of Book Sellers have rated us as The Best Publisher in the Country. is exclusive Scanner store.



We regularly receive appreciations from the students and teachers. A few are here:


"Scanner is the most useful book for any Professional Examination whether CS or CA. It motivates the students to work harder and achieve their goal. Scanner keeps the hope alive of passing any professional examination."

-Geetha Tribhuvan Das, Mumbai.                  

"With the help of Scanner we can pass the examination within a short span of time."

-Umesh Chand, New Delhi.                  

"The Scanner is a honest teacher, because all the time it is with me in the terms of a teacher. The Scanner recognizes the probable requirements of a student of professional course and satisfies requirements as a mother recognizes her little child’s needs."

Chander Singh Chouhan, Indore.                  

"Innumerable are the names of books, but if choice were to be made of One, it would be Scanner as there is no substitute of Scanner. It shows the way to success."

Komal Mantri, Jaipur                  

Yes, I would say, "Scanner is unparalleled. The Scanner is in good format and covers all that a good visionary should have".

Sumit Singhania, Kolkota.                  


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