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Webcast Series for Chartered Accountant (CA)

Welcome to the Shuchita Prakashan Webcast Series, your ultimate guide to mastering the paths of CA, CS, and CMA. Our mission is to demystify these prestigious professional courses and provide you with the insights, guidance, and support you need to succeed.

Each month, we bring you in-depth sessions featuring experienced professionals, educators, and industry leaders. They will share their knowledge on the demands, roadmap, and benefits of pursuing a career in Chartered Accountancy (CA), Company Secretary (CS), and Cost and Management Accountancy (CMA).

Webcast Schedule:

CMA Webcast: First Friday of every month

CS Webcast: Second Friday of every month

CA Webcast: Third Friday of every month

Join us as we explore the journey to becoming a CA, CS, or CMA. Gain valuable insights, get your questions answered in vernacular languages, and learn from the best in the field.

Upcoming Webcasts:

CS Webcast: 12 July, 2024, 12:00 PM onwards

Missed a session? No worries! You can catch up on all our past webcasts here.

Stay tuned, stay inspired, and let's embark on this journey to professional excellence together.

Here are the FAQs

1. What are effective ways to manage CA Foundation exam preparation alongside board exams?

Answer:Managing CA Foundation exam preparation alongside board exams requires effective time management strategies. This includes

  • Creating a balanced study schedule that allocates time for both sets of exams
  • Focusing on overlapping subjects so try to maximize study efficiency.
  • Utilizing study resources like CA Foundation books and integrating school lessons where applicable can enhance understanding and reduce repetitive learning. You may use bridge books.

2. How to manage time with CA exam preparation?

Answer:Effective time management is crucial for CAstudents balancing preparation with personal commitments. An effective setup could have

  • Clear study and motivational goals.
  • A study table where you can have your notice board to note down important points for study, revision, and changes, a whiteboard with your daily goals, your laptop or tablet, or a separate phone for study purposes only to avoid any kind of distraction, and a table clock for time management.
  • Dedicate your time in slots;for example,a 7 hrs of study timetable could be as below:
    • 3 hrs dedicated to Theory
    • 3 hrs dedicated to Practical
    • 1 hr for revision
  • Maintaining a daily diary and trackingyour progress.

3. I can't attend the physical classes due to my regular degree course. What alternatives do I have for completing my CA Inter?

Answer:A CA course is recognized by the UGC as equivalent to a postgraduate degree, providing a solid educational foundation without the need for additional degrees. However, for those looking to further expand their knowledge and credentials, numerous online degree programs offer flexibility, enabling students to learn at their own pace.

Recently, Scanner, in collaboration with ICAI and AIMA, has introduced a new PGDM course. This program not only awards a PGDM certificate but also offers discounts and exemptions, enhancing the value and appeal for CA professionals seeking advanced qualifications alongside their CA studies. For more details please call +91 97933004141.

4. What techniques can help me effectively solve the mathematical section of the CA Foundation exam?

Answer:To begin with regular practice and a solid understanding of the underlying concepts. Utilizing practice materials such as past exam papers, engaging in problem-solving exercises, and using educational resources that focus on CA Foundation mathematics can enhance proficiency in tackling this section.

5. What strategies can I use to better understand and apply concepts from Business Law, particularly in case studies and practical problems?

Answer:To better understand and apply concepts from Business Law in exam, focus on studying relevant case laws and applying these to different scenarios. Using practical examples and engaging in discussions in study groups can also aid in understanding complex legal principles.

Additionally, practical problem-solving sessions and mock tests focusing on Business Law can provide hands-on experience with applying these concepts.

6. How much salary a CA can get?

Answer:The salary of a Chartered Accountant in India typically starts from 6-8 lakhs per annum.This can increase significantly with experience, expertise, and the reputation of the firm where one secures articleship. Continuous professional development and skill enhancement are crucial for career advancement and salary increases in this competitive field.

7. What skill should a CA develop to secure a highly-paid job with one of the best firms?

Answer:Aspiring CAs should focus on developing strong communication skills and proficiency in tools like Microsoft Excel to manage and analyze data effectively. Additionally, obtaining certifications in areas such as management, law, stock market, or AI can align with and enhance one’s professional goals, making them more suitable and unique candidates for firms.

8. How to manage studies along with the articleship?

Answer:Balancing articleship and study requires careful planning. It is advisable to start studying from the first day of articleship and integrate short, consistent study sessions into the daily routine. Also find your motivation factor to stick to the schedule. This approach helps manage the workload without the need for long study hours each day, maintaining both productivity and motivation. Scanners are a great help for exam preparation along with your study material.

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